Paweł Sakowicz
  • Paweł Sakowiczs performance/choreografy is a speculation about dance virtuosity as a type of reflection that can be based on experience but isnt necessarily empirically verifiable. The aim of such speculation is to frame an ideal image of dance virtuosity by drawing on predictable economic, political and metahumanistic changes. A characteristic feature of speculation on dance virtuosity is risk-taking in constructing radical scenarios on the politics of desire.


  • Choreography, text, performance: Paweł Sakowicz

  • Artistic mentorship: Dalija Aćin Thelander

  • Technical implementation and lights: Łukasz Kędzierski

  • Production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk (in the frame of Solo Projekt Plus 2015


  • Premiere: 12/12/2015, Stary Browar, Poznań